[Serious] What was the worst mental breakdown you've ever witnessed?

My own, unfortunately. I'll edit the story I sent to one of my friends:

I was given the wrong meds by my psychiatrist and it made me extremely paranoid and snowballed further and further until I believed the dentist was trying to trick the world into thinking I'm a sex offender because when I was under laughing gas we made a bet that if I called him by his first name the next time I saw him I'd get free dentistry for life for me and all my family but if I called him Dr. (lastname) he got to ruin my teeth and also ruin my life and a poison hidden in my cavity filling will release and kill me on Halloween unless I put all the clues together myself and then publicly admit to it and also if I tell anyone about the poison it kills me because the dentist is listening to me and watching me through everyone's cell phone and laptop cameras (including my therapist's so there were a lot of wasted therapy sessions where I refused to tell him what was going on), and I won't remember making the bet because I was under laughing gas so I had to figure out all the clues. Also one night I got on my dad's computer and checked through all his facebook messages because I thought everyone knew about it and was taking bets over facebook as to whether I'd figure it out in time or not. That led to me deleting my facebook. There are definitely some moments that I'm convinced my brain either made up or altered memories to support the delusion like even though I am 100% sure it never happened I still remember the time the dentist hired an underage prostitute to pose as a hygienist so he could secretly record us together and have PROOF I was a sex offender. I ended up walking out because she wouldn't clean my teeth the way my usual hygienist does it and when I tried to leave a cop stopped me and asked "what were you doing in there?" and wouldn't let me leave until the dentist came out and told him I hadn't done anything....THIS time. Also the lady at the front desk looked right at me and hid the basket of mini toothpaste tubes behind the counter. Another memory I think never happened was the last time I saw my aunt while visiting my grandma. I visited shortly after the dentist replaced a defective enamel cover. My aunt said: Oh I love that dentist, what was his name again? And I said Dr. (lastname). My aunt looked at mom and said "does he seriously not remember the dentist's first name?" And mom shrugged and put her finger over her lips in a shhh gesture. There are a million more layers to the delusion but if you think it sounds like a weird dream imagine instead of having that transition of jolting awake and realizing it was all a dream you just kind of hope the people telling you that things are normal are right and let time do the rest; I'll tell you one thing though: I was secretly relieved to still be alive the day after Halloween.

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