[Serious] What was the worst mental breakdown you've ever witnessed?

When I was a little girl, probably in third or fourth grade, a friend of mine invited roughly 8 girls over for her birthday slumber party. I was a pretty quiet and scared kid to begin with, and not knowing many of the other girls there freaked me out a bit but I will never forget how genuinely afraid I was of one of them. This girl was very different from the rest of us. She was much bigger and easily could have been mistaken for a teenager, and she didn't really know how to act around others. She was kind of aggressive, as if she was unaware of her own strength, and she really enjoyed chasing us around the yard trying to touch us. Being around the age of 9, I don't think any of us really knew much about sex or what it meant or really anything about our not yet developed bodies, but this girl apparently knew a whole lot, as I can still remember the drawings she proudly showed us of various anthropomorphic animals in many... positions. None of us really knew how to react to any of this so we just kind of ignored it until it was time to sleep. The girl fell asleep before most of us, and after about an hour, things started to get really weird. She had fallen asleep in the corner of the room and started to make a lot of noises in her sleep that could have been mistaken for a cat being stepped on over and over. She then began to thrash around, slowly at first, but then rather violently, hitting herself off of the wall and rolling towards the middle of the room, smacking into all of the furniture and some of the other girls but none of it woke her up. We tried to wake her ourselves but nothing was working. The display was quickly morphing into a possessed scene from a horror movie. The sounds she was making were much more frequent and louder now, almost as if she were screaming in her sleep. Her thrashing never ceased, only getting worse as time went on, and at some point she had thrown up all over herself and the floor, maybe multiple times, no one really knows. The birthday girls parents came and made us all leave the room. Eventually the girls parents came and managed to calm her and take her home. But as she was leaving, we all saw her. She was covered in vomit and blood and bruises from crashing into everything. But the worst part was listening to her heart wrenching sobs as she was half carried half dragged out of the house. It was one of the worst sounds I have ever heard.

It's been a long time since this happened but I still find myself thinking about it on the odd occasion. I never saw that girl again or found out what was wrong with her, but I hope she's doing better now. I hope she got help. Seeing how broken she looked after all of that was really terrifying and I would like to think she's doing better now.

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