[Serious] What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

Happened quite recently and turned out into one of the best things that happened to me. This is one long ass story so i apologize in advance

I met this girl in my graphics class in year 9 (13-4 years old) people spread a rumor that i had a crush on her. The rumor led to an actual crush so I started to talk to her more often. Fast forward to Christmas year 10 and I was one of her best friends. I was shoved into the apparent "friend zone" from telling her how I feel and being politely put down. This made me appreciate her personality even more which really didnt help with the "friend zone" situation. But our friendship eventually turned into a unofficial relationship where we would come to each other when we needed help and would always spend time together. Everyone in school thought we were the cutest couple and girls would make that little fan girl squeak when we went by.

At the end of year 10 (14 - 15 years old) our relation ship was pretty much bf/gf but a really grey area kind of one. I was very suspicious why she was so attached to me alone but when everyone was around and the subject came up she would say "we're just friends"

During the summer holiday she started hanging out with this guy from her army cadets platoon/regiment he was waaaaay too old for her he was 17 and she was still 14 having her birthday in august. I asked about him and she said not to worry and that he was like a "big brother" because I trusted her so much I took her word for it.

After the summer holidays (now year 11) we became so close that it was blatently obvious there was something between me and this girl that the boys that would always try to get with her because shes a cute nerdy girl left her alone. I was happy and so was she. A period of time being september to november was one of the happiest points in my life I have ever been.

After walking out of graphics together she started saying she wanted to get closer to this cadets guy she spoke about in the summer. I encouraged her enthusiastically. She then broke the news that they both planned to get together at the end of year 11 she then said she saw me as the a big brother and that was that. It was like walking round a corner and being hit in the face with a sledge hammer without ever seeing it coming. That being the worst timing ever because i was going to spend 3 days in Germany the following day. Right there I couldnt bare to even look at her i just put her head into my chest and said "I love you" and left.

Germany was rough. I didnt eat or sleep the entire time I was there except for the last night. I was trying to contemplate what had happened and where i went wrong. I always knew what to do in sticky situations but here I just couldnt. I just took it in and let the pain flow.

Whilst in Germany there was this really cute girl always at a distance looking at me. She kept her distance but I knew she was concentrating on me. On the 3rd day she approached me and said she thought I was really cute. She took lots of interest in me. I then calmly apologized for my negative attitude and told her briefly why. She then sat down and said "tell" I told her what had happened and she related saying the same kind of thing happened to her in the summer. We hit off really quickly. But she encouraged me to go for the girl who shot me down.

We got on really well. Had similar personalities, we related to each other and both had our fair share of stories that we shared with each other. The monday I got back into school I told Klarah (girl who shot me down but thats not her real name) that I respected her choice and would stand at her side as her friend not her boyfriend. She asked how I moved on so fast. I didnt have an answer I just shut my eyes and said "fuck it im young"

Me and this other girl Niki (not real name) have been dating for about 3 weeks now. I'm really happy about how everything turned out in the end. I'm still young and i know there much more and most likely much worse to come and a believe im ready to face that.

I'm not angry at Klarah for what she did to me but wow what a bitch move not cool

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