[Serious] What was your first same-sex experience like, if you've had one?

My brother and I when we were very young. I never called it rape as we were both under 10 when we started "playing", only a few years apart. We even got a boy across the street involved with us and would do BJ triangles. This continued for several years.
It wasn't until I was 12 years old and figured out how to cum from masturbating that I was aware of what sex was about, and was able to make him cum.

Eventually both of us decided to stop "playing" because it was "a sin" (am atheist now). Years later, we're both married and have children. I am straight, unattracted to men. However, I still had thoughts about sex with men all these years.

Eventually, during a "swinger/open relationship" phase my wife and I went through, I had decided I'd like to try sex with a man although only oral,because that's all I knew. I met a guy off Craigslist who was 43 (I was 32). He was very nice and understanding that I had never really been with a man. We went to his bedroom and I removed his pants and started sucking. I was surprised how rubbery his cock felt to me, then even more surprised by how long it was. We began 69ing and he started fingering my ass. Eventually he got very dominant and flipped me face first on the mattress. I remember thinking I should say no, but I didn't want to.

It hurt at first and I asked him to go slow and use more lube. I got rock fucking hard right away. I made him lie down as I rode his cock and jerked off. It felt amazing. I came harder than I ever had all over his stomach. I never talked to him again and have not had another experience since. I crave it every day but my wife is grossed out by the idea of me with a man (just the anal part, she wants to watch me suck cock but doesn't know I already have and love it) the other part is trying to find someone to swap Bjs with here in Vegas without getting STDs-that scares me the most.

I'm still not attracted to men, not interested in kissing, but if someone wanted to fuck me or stick their cock in my mouth I'd be all about it.

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