[Serious] What is your honest opinion on abortion?

I feel strongly about both sides of this argument!

Argument: life begins at conception and abortion is the termination of a real human life.

Argument: bodily autonomy is a human right and women should always be able to choose what happens to their own body including pregnancy and childbirth.

I believe both of these things simultaneously so I find myself in constant moral conflict over this issue.

WHAT IF there was an alternate option to abortion? I’ve been thinking about this and I don’t think it’s totally crazy...

If the fetus is viable, the woman can opt to have the living fetus surgically removed from her body and incubated in an artificial womb and it becomes available for adoption upon birth. There are many people who would be thrilled to adopt if the process were easier/less expensive. The woman does not have to endure pregnancy/childbirth, could opt for anonymity, and this might be a less emotionally traumatizing option. Thoughts?

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