[serious] What is your vice and how do you live with yourself?

I'm a bad parent, imo. I only got pregnant with my son because his dad claimed he wanted a kid before he got much older.

I yell at him a lot (which is mostly just me bitching about stuff he does, i.e. I don't tell him he's a bad kid or a fucking moron or anything). I don't want to, but at the same time, I just give the fuck up because I'm bipolar and most people piss me off on a near-constant basis anyway.

I get frustrated very easily because he gets frustrated because he sometimes can't explain to me what he wants (he's 2 1/2) and I can't guess what he wants. It really grinds on our nerves.

I think he's a good kid, he likes playing with me and cuddling me and stuff. Sometimes he lets me read to him a bit, which I really like. Usually he wants me to tickle him and love on him, and that's a good time. (This isn't just with me, btw, he's social with most people.)

I deal with myself by... just being pissed off and disappointed constantly, I guess. Other people tell me I'm a good mom and that it's evident in how much he enjoys spending time with me. I guess that makes sense, but I hate being trapped with him constantly, even though I try to make him happy.

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