[Serious]what's the closest you have come to dying?

1.) At birth - born premature with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.

2.) Suicide attempt at six years old, my home life was just as terrible as you imagine it to be.

3.) My family almost blew their house up, firefighters were called. The gas or whatever in the house was 2x over what it was supposed to be and should have exploded but didn't. I was asleep the entire time.

4.) Multiple other suicide attempts as a child, poison, cutting, etc.

5.) I had a massive fever (106-108F) complete with seizures and vomiting as a teen. Parents refused to take me to the hospital because "they wouldn't do anything," and I was a "waste of money." Woke up covered in pee or vomit, or both. Had hearing problems from that point on.

6.) Pneumonia (later diagnosed) and parents that refused to take me to urgent care or a doctor because I was a "waste of money" - eventually I got to the point where my throat was so swollen I couldn't drink water or really swallow spit. My grandmother took me to the pediatrician. My parents cut me off of their health insurance due to me being a "waste of money."

7.) A drunk relative put a loaded gun to my head when I was a preteen.

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