[Serious] What's the creepiest story you've ever read/heard, true or not?

I wonder if anyone could link me/remebers a story that went something like this:

I avid sportsman ( hunting fishing etc) had an old friend from school hit him up out of the blue to ask if he'd like to reconnect. The sportsman invited the old friend to go hunting which was a common activity of there youth. They decide on a spot skirting some reservation nearby ( maybe in eastern Colorado) they go hunt, the old friend starts acting very very strangely, and while making their way back to the road, they came across a a jeep with all the doors open, blocking the trail back to the main road. Dusk was setting in, and the woods and chaparral were full of long shadows. The sportsmen notices in his rear view mirror a figure rising, holding a gun, and taking a shot. Suddenly their rear window blows out, the shot goes ringing through the cabin, and exits the front windshield. The friend at this point is muttering to himself and trying to scoot down out of his seat. The sportsman gets on the gas, and books it back to the road, unsure if they are being followed. The friend then starts to panic, and while gasping between breaths says, "they found me, they always find me". The sportsman tries to make his way through the reservation to a ranger station, and after some time down a deserted road, comes across a gas station. He stops to ask for help and explain what happened and the gas station attendant is acting and saying strange things. He then makes his way to the ranger station, reports the incident, and drops his friend off, without any further explanation from his friend. The sportsman decides it best not to contact again.

It went something like that ( It was told first hand from the sportsman though I'm sure I butched the re-telling) , a link would be amazing, I've tried finding this story for months and never come across it again.

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