[Serious] What's something you genuinely don't care about?

I'm tired of pretending to care about politics I don't even understand most of the legal crap in these various laws and stuff I'm voting for yet I basically get guilt tripped into picking something based on grossly simplified explanations I can find online or through various family members which are likely giving me an explanation with the least some level of bias in it

I don't really ever understand this push for people who don't understand something to still vote one way or another on it.

For example if a friend came to me with a nasty looking wound on his arm would I try and diagnose it myself no because I don't know enough to give an accurate guess I would instead suggest they talk to a doctor

So why am I supposed to vote on something I know nothing about based on very limited information when there are people much more qualified than I am to give a better and more informed opinion on the matter

Call me on American or downvote me to hell I don't care at this point you're not going to change my feelings about this regardless of whatever patriotic BS reason you can think of

And yes I'm aware of the whole thing about how if I don't vote I don't have the right to complain frankly I don't usually complain about politics anyways as again I don't even understand most of it and as a random guy just living in suburban America most of it doesn't even really end up affecting me in any noticeable way

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