[Serious] What's something you're afraid that others might find out about you?

Throw away time. When I was in my early 20s my best friend at the time had referred me to work at a high end company. I landed the job and was in a 4 week training program along with a group of about 10 others. Among them was a young woman, we’ll call her Jane, who was a little younger than me. Most of us in the group developed bonds throughout our time together and I could see that Jane had caught a small crush on me. As we were deployed to our respective departments at the end of training I had kept up with Jane through email. I knew she trusted me because she would tell me a lot about herself even things she wasn’t proud of such as how she used to be a stripper right before this job. One day I had invited her to dinner for the single intent of getting lucky. After we finished eating we went to a liquor store and bought some booze. I then drove us to a cheap motel where I used the excuse we were just gonna “hang out and drink up”. I paid an hour rate for the room and we then started drinking. She wasn’t stupid and caught on quick. After a few drinks she cooped herself up in the bathroom. I checked in on her and she said she wasn’t feeling well. Pretending to throwing up and wanting to go home.
I calmed her down and brought her on the bed to relax. I slowly moved in on her to try and Kiss her but she laid down on the bed to avoid me. I floated on top of her pathetically asking for her to “give me something”. She echoed how she wanted to leave and would call a friend to pick her up. At that point I panicked knowing what the situation looked like. She was going to call her friend but I forcefully told her I would drop her off. I drove her in a cold sweat wondering if I was going to a visit from the police or be reported at work. Once I got to her place she left in a hurry. I notice she left her bag in my car so I pillaged through it and stole cash from it to get some of my money back from the motel cost before she came back to the car to grab it. I didn’t speak to her after that. I was afraid of the repercussions. Nothing ever came of it. I could blame everything to bring lonely since I was a girlfriend-less virgin at the time but I know that was one of my lowest moments in my life. I took advantage of someone who trusted me, forced myself on them and stole from her all in one night. I’ve regret my actions ever since. Jane eventually left the company and went back to stripping. I’m still with the company many many years later and even met my wife through work. It would mean the end of the career I built there and the end to my marriage if anyone was ever to know and honestly would be my just reward if it ever came to that.

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