[Serious] Whats your best Way to get fit?

The way I started was five sets of various exercises (pushups, tabletop crunches with twists, leg drops, pull-ups) performed morning and night every three days and walking long distances every day.

I added more exercises for variety ( dumbbell hammer curls, 300 hip rotations clockwise and counterclockwise before showers, inverted situps, etc) to the workouts over the next several months. Literally got to the point where I'd wake up in the morning, start working out and wouldn't stop until bedtime except for trying to eat enough to keep my weight steady.

I became addicted to it. I was working out so much that I'd eat enough for a family of four by myself and still having problems keeping weight on.

Even when I wasn't working out I'd look for things heavy to lift and athletic activities to do, I found myself curling full shopping carts in the grocery store, grabbing my wife and dancing with her with her feet dangling off the ground, randomly lifting anything heavy that I could find.. Sleep patterns changed and I'd only sleep four hours a night.. Even my attitude changed, I became somewhat of a bully and had rage experiences. My libido went through the roof and every woman around me released my carnal desires.

Personally, I loved the new me. I felt like I could punch through brick walls, jump off two story buildings, take on men three times my size in fights (Which I ended up doing twice that year).. Sexual episodes lasted all through nights and days..

However, family members started complaining about my attitude and how long my workouts were lasting. The cost of feeding me was sapping monetary resources. Wife warned me that my arms were getting too darn big for her liking. Etc..

I ended up having to slow down the pace to keep everyone else happy and myself somewhat sane. Now it's just around a 30min workout morning and noon three times a week and eating enough to keep my weight steady.

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