[Serious] What's your family's immigrant story?

Grandpa got captured during WWII and never left the US after he was released from the prison camp in Texas he was kept in and went back to Germany and then left within a couple years as he was from Hamburg and I know his family home was destroyed by bombings, we have visited the site, and was a dentist so the US let him come back permanently. Grandma came here from Hungary after WWII, her story is more cloudy. She was a Jew from Budapest and escaped the Holocaust as she comes from money and bought her freedom, but renounced her Judaism after seeing how many people were killed because of this once it all came out and it made her hate her own religion. She completely changed to Lutheran after this. She denied she was Jewish for the rest of her life once she left Europe, it was a subject that as never even brought up until after she died, until then we didn't know any of this.

Other side just came over from Europe in the 20s. Nothing special, just wanted to live here.

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