[Serious] What's your family's dark secret?

My mom was cheating on my dad with multiple people. Specifically with the younger brother of my dad's best friend growing up..

My dad found about the affairs. He was devastated.. not only was he the breadwinner of the family, but made a number of sacrifices for the better of the family. Yet, he tried to make things work because they had kids together. My mom had no interest making the marriage work and continued her affairs, deceitfulness and manipulative ways. It came to a head one night and my dad slapped my mom. A massive argument ensued and it lead to a divorce.

My dad was always painted as the bad guy. The story was sold to my brother and I that my dad slapped my mom and that is why they divorced. Conveniently, there was no mention of the affairs or the ways that she manipulated my dad in the 20+ years since the divorce. She went on to marry my dad's best friend's brother.

Despite everything, my dad remained cordial with my mom with the best interest of the kids in mind. He opened up about the situation as my brother and I got older and were able to comprehend the scope of the situation. What's heartbreaking is hearing how my mom manipulated my dad, his family and that she nearly drove him to suicide.

The fact that the was so cold and calculating – plus, the fact that she has never acknowledged what she did is beyond upsetting. She's never explained how/why her and her current husband started dating. It's the elephant in the room that my brother and I have known, but she will never admit to.

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