[Serious] When was a moment where you were 99% sure you were going to die?

Many moons ago, I was seeing a guy who had BPD and also struggled with addiction/anger issues. We went to a party and ended up giving his ex girlfriend a ride home. Once we dropped her off, we sat outside talking for about half an hour which started to lead into an argument. All of a sudden, we hear the bushes rustle in front of the house we just dropped his ex off at and saw her squatting in the bushes eavesdropping.

The guy I was seeing stopped for a second and then it felt like I blinked only to look and see he was already forcefully pulling her from the bushes screaming at her in a fit of rage. He left her shaking in the driveway, stormed over to his car and started rummaging for something. Instantly, I had this feeling of dread fill my body. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to get out of the car immediately and go stand by this girl.

After a minute or so of standing in front of her and trying to encourage her to run inside, I see this guy retrieve a long metal object from his trunk and start towards us. It was a golf club. He screamed at me to get out of the way so he could hit her as he raised the golf club over his head and I stood in front of this girl pleading and screaming back at him to just please let her go inside and forget that this happened. The poor girl was sobbing and absolutely petrified.

Eventually, he calmed down enough to lower the golf club and the second he did, I turned and shoved her while yelling to run inside and lock the door. As soon as I saw her step inside to safety, I saw her eyes widen as she turned back around to look and heard a scream from the house’s living room windows in the front as this loud shattering noise pierced my eardrums.

I screamed and turned around to watch him smashing out all of her windows with the golf club and denting whatever else he could while laughing. I heard sirens in the distance and he dragged me to the car and took off. I was paralyzed with fear and so scared but felt my only way out was to wait, stay awake that night until the morning, and act as casual as possible till he dropped me off at the place I was staying at. I then spent weeks slowly cutting down contact and fading out his life until I felt it was safe to cut ties completely.

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