[serious] When was a time you legitimately thought you were going to die?

5 or 6 years ago I had a box cutter accident at work. Had a brand new razor in and the blade was extended to a half inch I believe. My dumbass turned around to grab a box during the work flow and managed to slice under my left forearm across literally every vain there, went deeper than the blade was extended. Literally about a pint of blood just poured out onto the floor. Like if you poured a big bottle of Gatorade out on the floor and watched it just go splat all over the floor. My immediate reaction was blurting out "Oh fuck" and just thinking "yep, I'm dead." Someone walked me across the store to the bathroom to bleed out in there, I lost so much blood, all I could do was slump against the wall until someone took me to the ER to get stitches. It was so deep and wide, similar to an overcooked hotdog that splits open, but worse.

After that, I was known as "Cutter" and someone made a name badge with it. The jokes lasted years.

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