[serious] When was a time you legitimately thought you were going to die?

I got some type of viral infection, I was negative for the Flu but felt like it, at the end of 2017. I reached a fever of 106 and felt like I couldn’t think straight at all. This spawned a intense anxiety that made me feel like I was in a constant state of panic. For up to 5 days I stayed awake because I couldn’t go to sleep. After day 2, I had entered a vicious cycle which helped feed the last 3 days of being awake. I convinced myself I was going to die if I didn’t go to sleep but also that if I did go to sleep I would die from being so exhausted. It doesn’t make any sense but I believed it at the time. Eventually my doctor prescribed me various medications to help curb the anxiety. I tried 4 various medications and I didn’t like the feeling of any of them. I eventually was told to take Temazapam in order to put myself to sleep. I slept for 16 hours and felt so much better, my anxiety was almost non existent.

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