[Serious] Where were you when 9/11 happened? How was that day for you?

11 years old, alone for the night, 2am in the morning, woken up by some drunk asshole who thought our house was his. Screaming for 'mum' to let him in, kicking at all the doors which was shaking the whole house because this was a GIANT of a man. Too wasted to understand the words 'this isn't your house.' Called the police, only to be told all the police are at an event in a town 40 minutes away. That's fucked to start with, ALL of them!? But then it took the ONE officer they sent THREE HOURS to get to me. Useless.

Life tip- if someone is causing you trouble and you have to call the police, always say 'He has a gun!'. Otherwise they'll probably stop for coffee on the way.

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