[Serious] Who did you trust completely only to have them betray you?

My three older brothers. (I don't really know how involved is the youngest one). Basically my father and my uncle inherited my grandfather copper company and radiators company (two different companies with separate factories but both owned by my father and uncle). Both companies were gong through a crisis so my father and my uncle decided to pass all the stocks to both of my eldest brothers, meaning that more of the factories belonged to them than to my father and uncle. The radiators company brote, but the copper one kept running. My brother sol de their stocks to their uncle (because they ate halfbrothers, their mom is not my mom). And their uncle bought my father and my uncle stocks with the condition that he and my uncle would still be important entities in the company. They agreed. But as soon as the stocks were soldado, my father and my uncle were both kicked out of the company by force of my brothers and their uncle. They started suing han by fraud, etc. (Which esa not true)

Nos my family is gong through dime tough economic times because those companies were the source of income to our home. My father is having trouble paying for my little sisters school, and me and my twin collage tutition. On the other hand, he's going through a horrible time because neither me, him, ir my sisters, can still process that they did this to us. I hear my dad crying sometimes at night. And sometimes I ask him, he says, he's sad because he knows that he will never see his sons again, and that he doesn't want to see them again.

I also hear him scream through the phone, about laws, and suing, and money, and he gets really angry.

But we still keep their picture hanging ok the wall

TlDR: my father was swindled by his own sons (my brothers)

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