[Serious] Who's the worst human being you've ever met?

Back when I was probably like 16 my best friend started hanging around this one girl. She was very very very fucking hot. Hair died red and green, skinny as a rail, but with assets, pale, but not sickly, with cute freckles, she skated, and wore converse and band T-shirts. Anyways my friend blew loads of money on her, I'm talking 200+ and we were 16 at the time so that was a lot a lot of money. Despite this she'd put all her attention on me, I remember her hugging me and putting her face in my chest telling me I smell good right in front of my friend and shit. One day she invited me over to smoke weed which I did obviously. This is the only time in my life a girl tried to like Mrs. Robinson style seduce me. She was all touchy feely and literally did the whole slipped into something more comfortable routine/ crawled on her knees between my legs. Obviously I knew she was trying to get me to fuck her to ruin my friendship with my boy, it was plain as day, but even then you have no idea how hard it is to resist that kind of temptation, especially at the age of 16, but through a feat of willpower I refused.

About a week later she keyed my car

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