Seriously guys, relax

So, I've been following this and trying to stay cool. I lost the first love of my life because I fessed up to cheating (very young). I felt great after coming clean but than realized that the relief was short lived. The pain that I felt after losing my best friend nearly killed me. Vowed to never fess up again, sometimes mistakes are made, suck up the guilt. Take the Dennis Rodman approach, no matter what, it wasn't me. That was my motto going into this debacle. I'm not like the other inmates in here, I'm not innocent. I had a brief fling, realized i was a POS and it wasn't what I wanted. Broke things off and closed shop quickly, trying to get back on track. Then fing Lisbeth Salandar comes along WTF. Anyway, fessed up tonight after .sux. I figured, what's the point of dragging this out? The data is out there, I know people know and secrets are never kept. I would recommend two approaches, get off the internet and just get on with your life....or fess up. But don't fess to all of it, only the amount she can dig up!

Maybe I'll get a second chance, I do love my wife in every way. Or maybe I'll be a weekend dad and some other dude will raise my kids (can't express the pain). I know either way my life has changed and I have a long road ahead of me. All I can do is get up and fight another day, and try to be a better person, for myself and my family (f everyone else) Trying to make sense of all of this. It been therapeutic to write and maybe someone else feels the same and wants to talk. I'm wishing the best for my fellow dirt bags! I'm a POS no doubt, but you people posting these databases and hate emails should get your own life to f up.

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