Seriously, who calls it that?

You don't know about pain. You don't know about losing life a million times. You don't know about being ostracised from the world and living alone in your flat for years, sick of life and sick of people, being under heavy surveillance by the police, having to travel to a different city to see a gp because you're registered as violently dangerous, dealing with a million life problems all at once, with a daughter who calls you by your first name and lives a hundred miles away and another you love to pieces but you're scared you're gonna lose her too, you haven't lost all your friends, you don't lay in bed ill for days wishing you would fucking die.... You don't know shit about life boy.

I'll now do what I always do, delete my account and fuck off back to being depressed on my own convinced everyone on this planet is a cunt. You can skip off back into your fun little life where you slag off strangers on the internet because they don't know what a word means.

You sad sad sad little cunt. Fuck you.

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