The Servant - Character Mod - version 0.8.4 Beta

My first impressions are that I either got lucky or she felt overpowered for sure. Reset seems pretty incredible and she had a lot of awesome and fun cards. Balance aside holy FUCK that was fun. I've played a few other mods and none felt as fleshed out. It was really cool to play and I was excited to see what the new cards were. Some cards just felt AMAZING to play like Hightail with Chemical X. Honestly I am blown away by the quality of this mod.

Back to balance, yeah, I'll have to play more tomorrow for sure. I'm on asc15 on all other characters for reference. I LOVE the thought of vision, however I kind of don't like that Backlash is kinda a bit random. It can really fuck you up sometimes, not knowing what you're gonna get or having to hope for one and not getting it. I love StS because it's not really RNG and it's very consistent, but this kinda adds a "random" element. That being said, it was fun and there were ways around it. Roguelikes are about making the best of a bad situation.

A little bug I noticed, or an interaction -- I don't know how hard it would be to fix, and it's kinda niche. I used "The World" which lets you draw three cards and make the next card you play 0 cost. However, I also had Mummified Hand. I played a 0 cost Power (Flawless Form) which should have triggered Mummified Hand and made another card in my hand cost 0. It either did not make a card cost 0, OR somehow targetted my already 0 cost House Cleaning+. I'm not sure what the

Thanks for the feedback! As far as I know, Mummified Hand would not target 0 cost card. I will certainly look into the interaction between The World and Mummified Hand.

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