This Seth McFarlane joke makes more sense to me now.

Labeling is a common logical fallacy that is natural to humans. In a fight or flight response, we have to make millisecond-quick decisions about people. Labels help us do that. Say you have someone in a serious medical emergency, you need to get them someplace clean, because there's blood everywhere. Or you need to get them someplace dirty, because you know a dirty house might not so readily rat on you that you brought a bloody person there. Either way, your brain immediately splits all the people you know near you into two categories - dirty or clean. You slap on a label. This is a human reaction, and very well could save a life or your own. You're not going to take your bleeding budday to the wrong kind of house depending on the situation. BUT, at the end of the day, we both know deep down that everyone can be both clean and dirty. So why did your brain slap a label on half of your close peers as "dirty" and "clean"? Survival. It's innate human nature.

Where the fuck am I going with this?

Labeling is a necessary tool our brain needs for our survival. But, if we hang onto labels for everything that is not an emergency as well, we end up living a life full of logical fallacy. So let's see, because I have made comments which you disagree with, don't like, want deleted, might report, whatever - because I made those comments I'm a:

T_D shitposter

Triggered niceguy

"on neckbeard" (nice typo retard - wait, that's a label, sorry).

You see? These labels all could describe me on a given day. The truth is, I am and I am not those labels. I do things that a "t_d shitposter triggered niceguy neckbeard" does, and I do things that they don't. I'm an individual, not a label. Like it or not, you are exactly the same as well. Please understand that I'm not trying to be preachy, but just trying to teach a little bit about logical fallacy. You might be a "paid shill" making this comment, or just another human being up late on Reddit. I'm more inclined to think the latter because I spent most of my life growing up slapping on labels and seeing the world as a dark shitty place. I really try to see the best in everyone - and yes that includes Donald Trump, it includes you who probably wanted me to feel bad about your labels.

Anyways bro, I'm going to go masturbate to my favorite anime with a picture of that girl I like pasted over the face, then eat a bag of Doritos, then blow up on some normies over at 4chan.

(And if you think I'm being anything other than sarcastic for that last sentence, you really need to let go of your labels because I'm not. (or am I? Should it matter?)).

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