Setting the Record Straight.

The insane thing is that I am not the person someone “outted” me at based on three comments that were made from having saw things with my own eyes. This accusation happened only after it was called out that the ones on that website LSA were trolling us here on Reddit. It was meant to start ‘drama’ bc nothing was going on at the time and it is even confirmed in prev posts that those on the website LSA lied about some info that was circling on here about AH being out with that blonde woman. Epa and this acct is the only one that I have ever had here on Reddit and I got locked out of that acct strangely enough after that post was made. Before this happened at all I got suspended for three days on Epa due to ppl mass reporting comments of mine for falsified things. I cannot be outted as being someone that I am not but it seems that this drama and falsifications are more popular than the truth.

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