Settlement reached with Arroyo Grande nurse for unlawfully advertising herself as doctor

But what if I am not sure which ICD10 code I fall under?! What if I can't tell if the means justify the ends; or the ends justify the means?! These are what patients want to know when they see a "doctor"

(/s teasin')

As a patient in a new city (prior to medical education) - they sent me to see a nurse for primary care knowing I had a rare and complex genetic disease whose outcome is normally fatal if not managed properly in an emergency. Insurance told me she was a "doctor" and yet she wrongly prescribed 50,000U of vitamin D once per day instead of once per week.

When I called for a refill after 2 weeks she panicked. The pharmacist panicked too and pulled up the orders to show this nurse she wrote it incorrectly. They said I was lucky I did not kill my liver. Thanks, malabsorption!

I was 19 when I had the cold, stark awakening of how manipulative those titles allow care NP providers to be. That shit is dangerous and I support change.

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