Several idiots in the same clip. Illegal u-turns and wrong-way drivers. (Aarhus, Denmark - Not my clip)

There's a traffic circle near me where if you enter from the south, you are supposed to exit east, north, or west. There is also a road ahead of the circle heading west. You used to be able to make a left onto the road from a shared turning lane.

They have since changed the signage to prevent a left turn there, but they haven't changed the traffic circle to allow a u-turn. So your choices are illegally make the left, illegally use the circle to u-turn, or follow the signs and make large detour to get where you want to go.

The first two options are perfectly safe to do and don't interfere with traffic, but aren't allowed for no good reason. It's just a solution is search of a problem.

The people turning left into the wrong lane, sure, but I can't call anyone in the video making a u-turn an idiot, they have clear visibility and a signal for the left turn to do the maneuver safely.

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