Severly underweight quadriplegic woman mistreated and humiliated by Northwestern Hospital. Room illegally searched by police because administrators saw her using CBD for pain relief on YouTube. Despite being dangerously underweight, not fed for 24 hours and forced to sit in own urine. Jump to 5:28.

From what I can gather having watched about 30 seconds of the video:

Time was blah, pushed to blah, pushed to blah:

Happens. More pressing cases, stuff wasn't ready, doc didn't get in, etc. etc. etc. Bit of a long wait, sure, but it happens. Sucks, sure, but it happens.

Sitting in my own pee

Did she piss herself? Why didn't she go pee before the procedure? Did she let them know she needed to pee?

strapped in

Was she going fucking psycho in there or something, hence to lack of pee information and the resulting need for restraints for the procedure?


See before. Perhaps they thought she was high on drugs. Logical conclusion from needing to be strapped down and pissing herself, imo.

This is all massive conjecture but about the same level as people believing someone 100% when they have an obvious grudge and are upset.

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