Severly underweight quadriplegic woman mistreated and humiliated by Northwestern Hospital. Room illegally searched by police because administrators saw her using CBD for pain relief on YouTube. Despite being dangerously underweight, not fed for 24 hours and forced to sit in own urine. Jump to 5:28.

eing tied down in your own piss while getting a scan is a non-issue.

They left her there alone for an hour alone. That's irresponsible. Furthermore, they failed to feed her for a whole 24 hours. It's a pretty big issue.

And her stuff is no longer private when said belongings cause her to be a danger to herself, myself, and my staff.

It was only CBD that even children can purchase. There's no danger to herself, you or your staff -- you delusional, exaggerating, ignorant muppet.

Ridiculously sad how much effort you put into finding reasons to further justify treating her that way. People like you are what's wrong with this world.

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