Sex Education- Season 2- Overall discussion thread

You can’t judge a person’s trauma by what you think is worse. I personally have an overwhelming Borderline mother who spied on me and didn’t respect any boundaries + a father who was high all the time on weed and couldn’t protect me from my mother’s abuse. ‘Love’ or ‘caring’ is not an excuse for shitty behavior.

Maeve is a strong independant FIERCE woman, yes she lived through shit but she learned valuable lessons from it. Because of her strenght, her trauma might be less bad than someone who lived through things that weren’t as dramatic.

My point being that trauma is trauma, and no one can compare which is worse, because everyone deals with it differently. So, no, Otis may never understand what it was like to have both parents abandon him, but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a shitload of trauma to deal with.

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