The sex life of my boyfriend and I has become non-existent and I have given up

I’m sorry that would be so hard on top of already having a new ( 6 mos w/DD was definitely still new to me) baby which completely brings on a whole host of new insecurities to worry about + just doing the mom thing! It is exhausting!!

This has everything to do with him and zilch to do with you and how you look. I don’t even want to bring up the weight and height thing because that’s how irrelevant it is anyway but the fact that you’re perfectly “normal” weight just proves that point even further. IMO the fact he brought up your weight at the start of your relationship is a glaring red flag something deeper is going on for HIM and it wouldn’t matter if you were a size nothing supermodel because he would still find fault or excuses why he isn’t more present or involved in your sex life together.

I’m not even going to hypothetically guess at what that issue could be because we just don’t know enough about him or you but I know for a fact that it’s not you and it’s never been you and it is 100% connected to something either he isn’t telling you about or is coming from a place of complete rejection of himself that maybe he isn’t even aware of but is/has been unfairly projecting onto you.

I think it’s 100% understandable if you need to be done with sex and keep yourself sane during this time where most are just trying to keep their head above water. Is therapy an option? even if it’s just for you?? You need support and someone to vent to that can help you see things from an objective third party standpoint, I know for me some things only make sense or come smacking me in the face where I was completely confused before when I’m seeing it though another persons eyes/view point. You are going through the biggest change of your life, any boundaries you need to set for yourself put them into place and don’t let anyone guilt you for needing them or make you think twice, just do what’s best for you and baby and the rest can wait

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