Was sex more enjoyable with Hookers or your girlfriend/boyfriend?

This really depends on who you are and how selective you are in getting actual gfs. I'm 33 and a honest 7 or 8 male. I've had about 5 real long term gfs in my life, and done about 40 randoms ranging from one night stands to seeing each other 4-5 times. Then maybe about 15 hookers.

My best sex ever comes from 3 of my girlfriends. My next top 10 are a mixture of hookerd and regular girl hookups. That means pretty much my worse 20 times having sex are regular girls.

If you had to bet on a good experience with a hooker you clicked with, vs a lonely girl on tinder upset at her exbf, I think you will have a better time with the hooker. Girls that hate sex rarely become bookers. College girls that hate men, hate themselves, and hate sex exist all over the place.

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