Sex Report Sunday - February 02, 2020

Hey I feel you.

My boyfriend actively helps me with my stress. Like, he doesn’t just tell me to go to the doctor. He runs with me to the gym. He helps me cook. He lets me rant about my job. He asks me for advice about his because he knows distractions help me stop obsessing. He surprised me by taking me to frozen 2 last week even though he thinks it’s dumb and never even saw the first one. I mentioned that I read 20-second hugs help “complete” the stress cycle and he now on his own initiation holds me when he can tell I’ve had a bad day.

If you love her, and she loves you, doing stuff like this will help.

Believe her when she says she feels sick. I deal with a nearly unsustainable amount of secondhand trauma, and it’s like a monster that sits in your stomach clawing at it all the time because it’s hungry for safety and affection. Of course she doesn’t want to have sex - but it’s not your fault.

You’ve just gotta try to feed that beast, so she can convince it to leave.

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