Sex Report Sunday - October 25, 2020

About five minutes ago my husband shot the biggest load all over my tits.

So I knew my husband wanted to fuck today cause he was feeling up my tits through my sweater. We haven't fucked since Wednesday. So after my shower I called him upstairs. He laid down beside me and started playing with my pussy while I showed him pics of incredible tits I found on reddit. I was super wet and it felt amazing.

Then I told him I wanted to suck his dick while he watched porn, and I had the perfect video he loves ready to go: two hot young women with nice big tits playing with each other and sucking cock together. While I sucked his dick I told him how badly I wanted to share his cock with some sexy stranger with big tits, and how wet it would make me to see him get a nice tittyjob from some gorgeous girl with massive tits.

Then I suggested he fuck my tits so he dripped lube on me and I squeezed them together and he went to town. After a few pumps he was done and shot the biggest load ever all over my tits. I love that my tits have the power to bring him over the edge and that he can never hold his cum when he fucks them.

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