Sex with a lesbian?

Right after college I hooked up with a friend who was a lesbian. I always found her incredibly hot. I was hooking up with her straight roommate at the time. It was like 2am and I didn’t think anyone else was in the apartment so I walked into the kitchen to get water only wearing my boxers. And that’s when I saw it... she was getting eaten out on the couch by one of our straight girl friends. It was dark so I acted like I didn’t see anything and kept it moving.

I went into the bathroom to piss and that’s when she came barging in there apologizing to me. She said she was sorry that I had to see that. I was so confused... to this day I have no idea why she apologized. I apologized to her because I had no idea anyone was out there. Keep in mind, I’m pissing with my dick in my hand and she is completely naked. She was blonde, 5’3, big natural boobs, and a little thick... she was my type exactly. She knew this too because it was a running joke in our friend group.

She says our friend just went back to her apartment and my nude friend comes over to give me a hug and say sorry and then goes in for a kiss. She starts rubbing my cock and next thing I know I’m hard. We start making out and she then motorboats me out of nowhere. She hops up on the bathroom counter and asks if I want to go down on her.

I eat her out and finger her and she has a few orgasms but she’s quiet so she doesn’t wake her roommate. She then says I can finish myself on her tits and I take her up on the offer. We clean up, kiss, she goes to her room and I go to the couch to pass out.

We talked about it the next day and she she was just extremely horny and that our friend eating her out sucked and just wasn’t doing it for her. So when she saw me naked and she new that I found her sexy that it was a turn on for her. She knew that I would give my best effort when eating her out. She was right. It was a one time only thing. However we are still friends to this day, but we have never really spoken about that night again.

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