Sex workers of reddit: What is the saddest experience (client wise) you've had while on the job?

That's why I didn't tell you to "improve yourself" because I figured you'd either say you'd tried or you just couldn't. You can help yourself if you want, you just have to also consider the possibility that it will require medical intervention and medications that you'll probably take for the rest of your life, after potentially spending years finding the "right" one(s) that actually works for you. Or, you can give up and just say that you can't be fixed and this is your lot in life. Maybe it is. I don't know.

What I do know is that if you're 26 you haven't been single for 26 years. There's been realistically 8-10 years that you could have had a relationship, but have not. That's a good amount of time, but no need to overdramatize it and contribute to your obvious self-defeating attitude and say you've been single for 26 years. As much as I hate hearing it said, you're working a self fulfilling prophecy here. "I'm a shy boring loser and no one likes me" and lo and behold, you're a shy boring loser with no friends.

Even if you have no desire to "improve yourself" and I'm certainly not trying to convince you to, this thread should show you that escorts, call girls, sex workers, whatever you want to call them, have seen all types, and they'll take your money, and give you that physical comfort you desire, the same as they will a successful businessman.

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