Sexism is still a thing against men

do we need to celebrate a group of people that didn’t have to fight for their rights? im all for male equality and i’m fully against the ideal that women are superior it’s stupid to me. But this post literally accomplished nothing.. i think it would be a better solution to stop these memes[?] (because no one can really take you seriously) and instead raising awareness about the thousands of muslim men [women and children too] (uyghurs) in camps that can be compared to the concentration camps in the holocaust(i’m serious look it up it’s horrifying) . or men in the middle east getting stoned because they’re gay or atheist. or how in turkey right now, male journalists and doctors are getting jailed for their’s kinda saddening that you guys are just so focused on random things like this instead of actual persecution of men?? idk man i might get downvoted to hell but it is my opinion, don’t mean to offend anyone

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