Sexism is still a thing against men

take a few years to get some common sense and please realize that “women’s day” has been mostly necessary in the past to show the progress we’ve been able to make after thousands of years of being the lesser part of society. if you’d like to make men’s day more of a thing go ahead! advocate for it! i’m so down! just don’t expect google to put time into something that isn’t already crazily socially popular. you’re 15 right now and need to take in your surroundings and learn shit. yes, sexism against men is a thing, but you’re taking it way too far. PLEASE go take a women’s/gender studies course (or even an advanced level history course) before trying to accuse an entire society of sexism bc of a DRAWING. while you should be able to voice your opinions, spreading nonsense about “sexism” that isn’t there (because men’s day is not popularized yet) is influencing younger audiences and turning them into people who think “feminism” isn’t about gender equality. PLEASE READ UP ON GENDER EQUALITY. SOURCE: 5 advanced history/gender courses in high school and college.

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