Sexpat Mike Jones-Mathias dies after being punched by security guard in Pattaya over unpaid bill.

The article mentions nothing about him being there as a tourist. It says he was there for a work trip:

Mike Jones-Matthias, 55, was on a work trip when he was hit outside the Mandarin Agogo bar in Pattaya after being accused of not paying his bill. Phumphat Tanosingh was cleared of grievous bodily harm in a trial in Thailand.

The inquest in Pontypridd heard Mr Jones-Mathias died ten months later of pneumonia and traumatic brain injury.

It was shown CCTV footage of him leaving the bar in May last year and walking onto the main street outside, followed by two Thai men.

The footage showed him throwing a punch to the air before being hit to the floor in a single strike.

The inquest heard he was at the start of a three-month work trip and went to the bar alone on the way back to his hotel on 17 May 2018.

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