Sext Dress-Up Date Gone Wrong...

I’m sorry, but theres only so many ways to call someone an idiot, and, well, all the good synonyms have been taken.

Look, at a certain level, I get you- I also favor AP and LP, and a few brands you may or may nor recognize, and the poly/satin mall cheesiness of VS and Fredericks is kind of a turnoff. But-

1) Its not easy to buy upscale lingerie- rather few cities have an AP or La Perla retailer, and the in-store prices and intimidating attitude will turn off a lot of younger SBs. Look, if you need to sugar, or come from modest means, the thought of spending 200+ for a thong or 800+ for a corset is daunting.

2) The solution is to buy it for her- you know what you like, and what the upscale price points are, and if you know upscale lingerie then you also know how to on-line purchase either through the lingerie company directly or through an upscale aggregator (shout out to

3) But, really, you missed the point. She was genuinely pleased to be sexied up for you, and you doused her enthusiasm by forgetting Rule 1: Under all that silk and lace is a naked girl. You indulged your bourgeois ideal at the expense of the objective. And worse, you came to us for validation.

4) I’m hoping that this was a troll post, intended to make some arcane point. But if it wasn’t- jesus, return the Kiki de Montparnasse babydoll and instead buy yourself a fucking clue.

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