Sexual Strategy Is Amoral/Everything is Permitted (RE: GayLubeOil's cuckolding post)

It is amoral. It is amoral because all that matters is who reproduces in the context of the next generation. We all die, humanity continues (hopefully). All psychological rationalization is completely pointless if you understand that we live on a giant ecological bloom in the middle of outer fucking space and only those capable of reproducing will decide what humanity looks like in 40 years.

If a girl in a committed relationship hooks up with a dude, that is a reproduction signal. More reproduction signals = a different stream of humankind. It is adding people to the future pool of humanity who will then be responsible for things like open-heart surgery and cleaning toilets. If betas take over, say goodbye to humankind. If pure dark triad alphas take over, say goodbye to humankind and probably all of the other species. It is clear that there must be compromises for survival of the species. Maybe cheating whores are good for the species? Who knows. Time is foggy. Claiming you know is just admitting to anyone with basic rational skills that you are an unintelligent primate trapped in your own room of glass solipsism. You are not bigger than life. A million things could kill you within the next 24 hours. You're this universes bitch by default.

If a dude is cool with fucking other peoples girls, he is just saying that he does not buy into the bullshit. I am in a committed, monogamous relationship, but you know what? I could be gone tomorrow or the next day. Let her fuck up. I have options. I'm in this relationship because all of the evidence that I have before me says that she's one of the highly unlikely ones, but I subscribe to both AWALT and NAWALT where appropriate (girl broke your xbox? nawalt. girl is incog turned on by your sexy bro? awalt, if there is no evidence, dont tell me awalt because im smart enough to know you dont actually have the data to prove it) Maybe she'll cheat, maybe she wont, but I have it good and will be good if I'm single. Win-win.

I want betas to get laid and have little beta babies to make my out-the-gate intelligent and physically capable babies look good. I want cheating whores to reproduce so that there are little alpha baby machines that are looked after so we can keep having spartans in a society full of brainwashed add fucktards so we actually have a chance to get off this planet and see what the fuck is out there. Because why not? Space seems pretty gnarly, just imagine a decade of cyborg humans flying off and populating space. That is what we are fucking for. We are fucking for our future. If a girl cheats, its both of their faults. The emotional wahwah is just primate leftovers.

This all comes down to pussies in the literal and figurative sense.

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