Sexual Strategy Is Amoral/Everything is Permitted (RE: GayLubeOil's cuckolding post)

you're a part of the problem

You write this as if women's infidelity is a problem that could be fixed.

It's not. Loyalty is not built into the female psyche. We could carefully remove from women all opportunities to cheat, but that wouldn't make them more loyal as a person.

There can be honor and loyalty among men. There is rarely honor and loyalty among women, its transient if anything.

Getting upset that this is case, which is what most men are really getting upset about when they find out their girlfriend/wife cheated on them, is like getting upset that the earth is round or the sun is hot.

You're suggesting that we all expend energy to sustain this lie, and convince ourselves that the average women has any loyalty at all.

It's not the case: your girlfriend will never love you like you are capable of loving her. If we reverted back to agrarian cultural norms tomorrow, and made it a great cultural crime for married people to divorce or cheat, she would still never love like you are capable of loving her - you would only have a more manageable illusion that she does.

If a man who is your friend sleeps with your girfriend. That is a betrayal of trust. If your girlfriend sleeps with a stranger, that's just Tuesday.

I disagree with /u/TRPSubmitter, I've seen girlfriends and wives of the most dominant men cheat. I agree with /u/GayLubeOil's interpretation more. Why do women cheat? Because cheating is exciting but immoral in our culture. Women don't care about what's immoral and are bad at long term planning, so they will cheat anyway just for the excitement.

I think the idea that you can become so "alpha," or society can become so "alpha," that suddenly women are capable of respecting men or even being loyal to men out of self-interest is a comforting bromide. An almost yearning to become alpha enough "earn ones way" back into a real version of the BP lie. A real version that doesn't exist.

If you're in a relationship with a women, assume she will lose respect for you (because you have not broken up with her and moved on to better things - she reads that as her being the best you can get), backstab you, etc. But most of all, she doesn't care about you at all - whether or not the opportunity appears to demonstrate it. That is part of the package.

If you want loyalty, get it at your dayjob working with other men. You could be Tom Brady and you'd still never find it between the legs or the ears of a woman.

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