Sexual urges for a 21 [f] and 22 [m]

I don't know how many other mom's are on here that could maybe help or something on a psychology level, but I just need to know if I'm normal or not. Basically I had my son, twins originally, about six months ago and my sexual urges until recently have been utterly non existent. Now a little back story on me is that I was obsessed with sex and masturbation since I was a young child to the point that every boyfriend couldn't satisfy me and we'd break up. When I got together with my son's father, about two years ago, we had sex several times a day every day. It's an understatement to say we fucked like rabbits. Fast forward about a year and I find out that I'm pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy my sexual urges are even greater that he, and I honestly believe he's a sex addict, has to tell me that I'm making him feel like a piece of meat. (I kept trying to have sex with him while he was sick with him saying no, I chased him in public and jumped on him, mostly as a joke though) However, after I gave birth, literally the day I did, I went from 100 to 0. It had nothing to do with him, I still find him attractive and sexy, but I just wasn't feeling it. He couldn't really deal with it so I'd force myself to just try, we even participated in an orgy because I was a little over intoxicated (my son was in the NICU at this point so he wasnt home yet) but besides that incident I haven't wanted to do anything. Because he thinks sex is the only way to show affection, he's going through major self esteem issues because I'm not up for sex and I'm not freaky like I used to be. He complains that he can't be as rough with me, that the frequency makes him not last long, and that we always do the same thing. So I tried to look up a sex position website and the only position he wants to do is standing up and we have a very different height difference, I'm more than a foot shorter than him. The sex that we do have he complains about, and sometimes even forgets about. He never does foreplay but expects me to pleasure him. I understand that people need to be satisfied sexually to make their relationship work, but it's really hard given the circumstances we've been dealt. We live with nine other people in a house and in a tiny room with our son's crib ten inches away from our bed so privacy never happens. When he's home from his job he's either cranky or tired and complains that I need to stop waking him up to help me with the baby. I just dont know what to do or if this is normal for hormones to still not quite be back. Help, anyone?

TLDR; Had a baby six months ago and after being very sexually open turn into full mom mode in 0-60. Boyfriend isn't happy with the change and can't deal and I just want to know if this is normal.

Just curious how you're doing with this? Have you chatted with your bf about this? It's quiet normal for a woman's preferences changing after having a child, hormonal changes but also your thought process may be linked subconsciously for what you want for your child just a warm nurturing loving environment.

Sorry for the unsolicited advise lol. Looks are great personality is everything; and you seem to have an awesome personality. Best of luck

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