Sexually frustrated, wish I could meet someone cool normally, and oh, I'm an "older" virgin

Your 2 cents are definitely worth more than that. In reference to cent #1, I honestly don't try to focus on the sex part. I really just want to meet new people, because I think the mere act of meeting new people distracts me from thinking of this as a "being an 'old' virgin" thing greatly. The brain needs some taming.

As far cent #2, I deleted a lot of those pictures and admittedly just was curious to see if anyone even found me physically attractive. I was pleasantly surprised to see it's not a physical appearance issue, but yeah, it also felt weird at the end of the day and isn't characteristic of me I do regularly. It was honestly a "try something bold" idea, and what I realized is that as many upvotes that I got, it didn't really resolve anything or give me that much of a confidence boost.

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