SF - Marijuana question

I mean it does seem like you're sneaking around to be a bit of a rat? It sucks. I blow through a spoof and have fans and an air purifier going but it still feels like I'm on edge sometimes.

Smoking at parks is generally prohibited right? I don't want to really engage in legally questionable behavior. I'm a person of color, I don't want to get rolled on by the cops for something so simple.

That's the whole point. We legalized it medically but it feels like you have to still really be careful. It's just not prohibited anywhere. All the parks around me say this is a smoke free zone and I would like to respect that.

I also don't want to walk out to a park if I don't have to and I'm already taking a number of precautions to make sure my smoke doesn't bother anyone.

I've been smoking for 15 years and I always feel a bit weird about it. Maybe I should care less, since I've never received a complaint, but it does still put me on edge sometimes.

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