SF family held at gunpoint, robbed after father is ambushed while washing car

I should have known I needed speak precisely, or a patronizing gun bro would show up to be patronizing. Obviously you are correct, I was thinking in terms of CA calling fucking everything an "assault weapon" for no fucking reason and was being careless in my wording. I'm sure that even the applicability of those laws depends on the size of the magazine or something, I haven't really kept up with those laws.

Anyway, your talking points are boring and you are directing them at the wrong person, I don't have the prejudices that you are imagining I do.

Anyway, deliberately obtuse politicking aside, would you care to address my actual point? What I meant was that you are clearly outgunned in the potential firefight that you would be engaging in by drawing, as well as being a massive tactical disadvantage. Do you really think it's reasonable to say that having a sidearm would have been helpful in this specific situation (which is admittedly pretty extreme)?

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