SF Native living in Chicago, Anyone have any opinions of the Cultural Difference?

Nah I'm working class AF right now and I'm trying to find a white collar profession that fits me.

Most of my friends growing up were Latinx and that's continued partially in Chicago (although there's been more cultural pushback in those groups in Chicago than there was in SF)

The Bay Area is definitely a good bit segregated and thats intensified as the tech class has pushed everyone out. Divisadero street is absolutely nothing like it was like when I was growing up and despite the great amenities it is not one of my favorite neighborhoods based off how white and yuppie that corridor has become.

There used to be a gang presence right up from my block. A woman got set on fire a few blocks off of that there was the occasional gunshot but I never felt unsafe.

People definitely throw a lot more shade at you in Chicago sometimes, if you're not from their group. There's definitely a greater air of distrust.

I really do enjoy Chicago dont get me wrong. When, if, I get married and buy a home I'll likely move back there.

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