“Shadowy” anti-net neutrality group submitted 56.5% of comments to FCC

I'm resigned to the fact that Net Neutrality is dead. It's too above the head of your average citizen and they will simply latch on to whatever party line they are most comfortable with. Whatever "YEAH, SO THERE!" dimwitted talking point that firmly masturbates their confirmation bias.

The Republicans know this and they are so so so much better at it than the Democrats - which are a dead party by the way, or undead really. Don't count on them to help you when they feel like they might be able to salvage their careers if they turn on their own. That's why they're pushing through federal judges like there's no tomorrow, because there probably isn't.

Even if Net Neutrality were pushed through to the agenda level, you could count on it being completely mutilated to the point of being nearly meaningless.

You could take to the streets, you can "hack the planet" but they will only use these actions to discredit you and ultimately label you as a terrorist if need be. You're a software pirate? FUCK YOU TO PRISON FOR THUMBING YOUR NOSE AT THE CORPS. A hacktivist? FUCK YOU TO PRISON AND YOU'RE NEVER ALLOWED TO TOUCH A COMPUTER OR ASSOCIATE WITH ANYONE WE SAY YOU CAN'T EVER AGAIN. Occupy Whatever-City? FUCK YOU YOU'RE BLACKBALLED AND VILIFIED IN THE 24/7 NEWS CYCLE UNTIL YOUR WHOLE MOVEMENT IS A LAUGHING STOCK AND YOU'VE GOT AN NSA WIRE UP YOUR ASSHOLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR YEARS.

All for what? They'll just do whatever the fuck they want regardless of what you do or don't do. Don't think so? Look at how those pack of necromancers revived SOPA. Read your fuckin' tea leaves.

Look at nearly every other major industrial nation out there and see what they're all doing. They've been biting their nails about the internet for over a decade and an open internet is the last thing any of them want. They want it entirely piecemeal and compartmentalized, every last bit and packet controlled. No more Snowden bullshit. No more fucking Wikileaks. Anonymous? Not on their watch, they have your number and know the exact store you got your Fawkes mask from. Fuck you and your privacy. Privacy is for government officials and corporate executives. BECAUSE TERRORISM AND JOBS GUYS.

Fuckin' A. No wonder people like Schwartz and Hunter S. checked out. Fuck it already.

Maybe I'm just being a nihilist asshole. I am being a nihilist asshole. I just don't get how else I'm supposed to feel about any of it anymore.

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