Shard Chat Mafia Politics

I take it your new to your chat? I’m on two accounts we do similar. We have had issues with new guys, thinking they can bomb from the bottom, after last payout. It displaces the whole ladder by payout, and targets available outside of chat. It’s a dick move to crash into top 15 after your payout in bigger chats. Usually teams that can’t hold and or are jealous of latest payout holding better that don’t understand.

It messes up the natural order if you factor in outsiders. Esp if you are on opposite ends of the day payout wise. In bigger chats it causes people to fall further if you climb after payouts taking outsiders out then the next payout will face all chat members so your selfish climb causes more ppl to fall.

Maybe you shouldn’t be in a chat if you are not cool with the rules? Sounds like a decent setup. Why would you want to cause problems?

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