Share your awful Melbourne housemate stories.

Eh, trust me, this is nothing.

I had a housemate out of nowhere message me demanding more rent because my GF slept over 3 nights a week. Keep in mind he'd never complained before and my gf did not use any of the house facilities (shower, kitchen etc.) outside of my bedroom. He felt it was unfair since him and his gf lived in one room and they paid more in rent. In fact, this was complete bullshit: they paid more in rent, yes, but only a little bit, to account for the fact that the shared spaces of the house would be more crowded but they shared a bedroom. Anyway, I met up with them in person and told him it wasn't going to happen. We didn't make noise, she wasn't disturbing them in any way, and what I did in my bedroom was my business. It was also completely innapriopriate to demand more rent without any prior discussion or communication. He went absolutely nuts, became verbally abusive and started throwing things at me. Later his gf came by to tell me they were moving out, which turned out to be a big fat lie, or at least they weren't planning to move out within the space of many months. Luckily my friend got me a line on a great place so I just decided to move out myself, but they made everything extremely difficult every step of the way. So if you haven't had a dude scream at you and throw things at you, and then have to live with him for weeks while trying to disentangle yourself financially from a shit situation, you're lucky imo.

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