Share your startup - July 2017

Name: GiftHead Location: Tel Aviv Social: facebook Elevator Pitch: Do you know which week in the year people hate the most? The week before their wife’s birthday. You can’t escape the stress of thinking about a gift for her. And they’re not alone. 83% of the people buy gifts a week or less before the occasion, and then, the online shopping is not an option because of the chance of a late delivery.

GiftHead is the first location based gift finder that solve it by – First- giving you the best idea what to buy for your loved ones, according to trends, machine learning, and data we gather. Also we tell you exactly when and where to buy it and have the perfect gift on time. This is how it works Discount: It's free. More details? We already offer gifts from the top 130 retialers in the US market, and just started to add small stores via our Shopify app Looking for: Feedback, users, recomondations for cool gifts and stores.

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